Dear Baby Bungalow,
“This a great way for my child to learn to interact with other children. The activities and songs were fun and this was a nice way to share time with my child.”
“The instructor is very knowledgeable, friendly, and nurturing towards the children. She does a great job!”

“This class was very helpful and informative. It was our first time at Baby Bungalow and we will definitely be back for other activities!”
“I really enjoyed this class. Every session we learned something new and it was great for my child to interact with others similar in age. It put a lot of information in a new perspective for me as a parent.”
“Great class! It has helped my daughter with separation anxiety and she is also doing better playing with other kids. Thanks Baby Bungalow!”
“Thank you!  I enjoyed the Positive Behavior Tools) class very, very much– even the role playing 🙂  I am such a happier mom now.  Life at home has changed drastically. “
We have been attending the WeePlay classes for about 7 months now and we love it! As a former teacher, I know how important positive interaction can be and the facilitator is an inspiration for me. She is constantly giving us tips and helpful advice on how to help our little ones, in every area of life. Wee Play is fantastic for the babies for both social and cognitive interaction, but I also love being with other parents. We rarely miss a week and my daughter has become friends with the other kids in class. This class is a huge benefit to our community. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend! Thank you.